1. She is hilarious and sort of weird in a good way
  2. She is smart, sometimes amazingly insightful for her age
  3. She can be incredibly sweet
  4. Her face--gorgeous, expressive
  5. Her voice
    Especially when she is explaining something or telling a story
  6. The way she surprises me with what she knows and understands
  7. She will try most activities
  8. She doesn't take any crap
    She has stuck up for her friends at school against mean boys. I LOVE THIS
  9. She is kind
  10. She loves math and science and reading books
  11. She adores her big brother
  12. Her beautiful curly hair
  13. She loves wearing her eye glasses
    And looks adorable in them
  14. She is creative
  15. She loves Star Wars and Harry Potter and is also a girly girl
  16. She is choosy when it comes to friends
    This will serve her well in life
  17. She won't give in to peer pressure
    She is a leader, not a follower
  18. She loves God and Jesus
  19. She is the best daughter in the universe