1. His face
  2. His voice
  3. His hands
  4. He is smart as hell
  5. His laugh
  6. His bod
    It's kind of a dad bod but me likey
  7. He is confident but not arrogant
  8. He does not make a big deal about things
    In other words...no drama, which is essential to me
  9. He loves the people he loves unconditionally
  10. He is a good dad
  11. He still surprises me sometimes after 20 years together.
    Example: telling me the other day that he wants to keep a journal, to record his thoughts about me and the kids
  12. He has a good heart
  13. He is very forgiving
  14. He loves The Bachelor and admits it freely and without shame
  15. He is a hard worker
  16. He is a good athlete
  17. He thinks I'm hot
  18. He listens to my anxieties with patience (usually...a man can only take so much)
  19. He shuns social media and is not attached to his phone
  20. He is adorable