Things I Love About My Son

  1. He is kind-hearted and so sweet
  2. He is funny and emanates positive energy
  3. He works hard
  4. He is naturally smart
  5. He is super creative
  6. He cries "happy tears"
  7. He loves to play sports
    He happens to be a great athlete and is the right amount of serious about sports
  8. He wants everyone to be happy
  9. He is sweet to his little sister
    But also still (gently) annoys her as a big brother sometimes should
  10. He has big beautiful blue eyes
  11. Everybody who knows him loves him and wants to be around him
  12. He is cool
    Without trying to be cool
  13. He hardly ever gets mad but when he does it is justified
  14. He will try just about anything
  15. He isn't into stuff that is "too old" for him
  16. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and will do the right thing
  17. He loves God and Jesus, genuinely
  18. He loves to read
  19. He is the best son in the universe