With the Iowa caucuses less than a week away, the presidential candidates have to make their final appeals to voters there. We asked supporters of each candidate to explain the appeal. Here are some Marco Rubio supporters who asked to remain anonymous. (Previously in this series: Sanders ANONYMOUS SANDERS SUPPORTERS EXPLAIN HIS APPEAL)
  1. "He'll bring common sense conservatism back to the White House. Also, I am not Charles Koch."
  2. "So far, he seems to be the candidate who takes the existential threats to America seriously. Also, I am not David Koch."
  3. "I respect his role as a deal maker in the Florida legislature. It's what we need after years of a 'do-nothing' Federal government. Also, I am not Charles Koch in an elaborate disguise."
  4. "He's the type of young firebrand that will bring a younger voter to the republican coalition. Also, I am not David Koch in a fancy mask."
  5. "Florida is a strategically important swing state, and I have faith that he can carry his home state. Also, I am not Charles Koch in women's sunglasses."
  6. "I believe his ethnic background will help bring some much needed diversity to the Republican electorate. Also, I am not David Koch taking his true, unrecognizable, inhuman form."