The New Hampshire primary is fast approaching! Time to get to know some of your candidates just a little better before the herd gets mercifully culled!
  1. Jeb Bush
    Half-zip pullover game on point.
  2. Ben Carson
    Lied about winning an honesty prize which is a bold fucking gambit.
  3. Chris Christie
    Hugged President Obama.
  4. Hillary Clinton
    Will appear in an episode of Broad City.
  5. Ted Cruz
    Uh... Isn't in ISIS I guess?
  6. Carly Fiorina
    Dropped out of law school, preventing the existence of another lawyer.
  7. John Kasich
    His official congressional portrait is pretty fresh.
  8. Marco Rubio
    Has been arrested.
  9. Bernie Sanders
    Smoked grass with Dylan in '64. Probably.
  10. Donald Trump
    Was in Home Alone 2.