Events to Look Out For at the RNC

The 2016 Republican National Convention is happening this week in Cleveland, and it promises to be THE hottest event in electoral politics in Northeastern Ohio this season! Here's a list of some of the events that you absolutely cannot miss!
  1. Kid Rock's Foreign Policy Roundtable
    Kid Rock has rounded up some of America's greatest minds to get to work on workable solutions for the biggest geopolitical issues likely to face the next president. The panel will include luminaries such as Uncle Kracker, one of the guys from Pawn Stars, and Bashar al Assad.
  2. What Destruction Have We Wrought? An Intimate Discussion with the Koch Brothers
    Wichita, KS based bazillionaires and political shadow-puppeteers, Charles and David Koch groan in agony about the now clearly inevitable loss of intellectual control of the American Right.
  3. Violence
    Just... Tons and tons of it.
  4. Juggalette Wrestling
    There's a tent right out front! Bring Faygo!
  5. Jeb Bush's Public Suicide
    If it hasn't happened yet, it's GOTTA happen soon.