At this point, it's well known that there is a large-scale and multi-front war being waged against Christmas. This is no longer in dispute. But many dispute the claims that Christmas's enemies are escalating the already intense conflict. Here is some of the evidence we have acquired to refute that.
  1. Warships in the Arctic
    For years now, the sight of surveillance vessels has been a regular part of life for those living in Santa Claus's sleepy territory; a grim, but harmless reminder that the world views the North Pole's citizenry with suspicion. But a new, more haunting silhouette has appeared on the horizon: fully armed attack ships. Even if the nations sending these ships have no intention to open fire, their presence sends a clear message to the North Pole: The world does not trust you.
  2. Airdropping Anti-Santa propaganda leaflets
    Echoing the Allied propaganda campaigns of World War II, planes have been flying over the North Pole and dropping anti-Kringle propaganda leaflets. Sowing discontent to create domestic unrest is an old trick often used by soon-to-be invading powers to ensure widespread support from the populace once the invasion and occupation are under way.
  3. Targeted drone strikes against reindeer supplies
    Unmanned drones have been spotted in the North Pole's greater sphere of influence as far back as 2007, but we are now witnessing a new phenomenon. Where once these remote-operated drones were used exclusively for surveillance, reports are emerging that armed drones have been conducting targeting the North Pole's critically important Reindeer supplies. It is abundantly clear that an anti-Christmas coalition is attempting to decimate the North Pole's ability to transport troops and supplies.
  4. Proxy wars
    Not much is known about who finances the coalition against Christmas, but we do know there are ties to militant extremist who have recently ramped up their campaign against one of Christmas's major allies: Arbor Day. People will dismiss this as an unrelated incident, but rest assured, as the war against Christmas escalates, so too will the war against Arbor Day.
  5. False Flag Operations at home
    Make no mistake about it! Those who want to destroy Christmas have tried to paint Christmas's leader (Santa Claus, though he has gone by innumerable noms de guerre) as a burglar and cookie thief. The simple fact is that evidence of Santa's supposed crimes is manufactured. Much of the work we attribute to him is actually done by people residing in the homes he allegedly broke into. This seems to be some sort of wide conspiracy to defame the leader.