Aging rock-star and right-wing political activist Ted Nugent is publishing a novel! That's right folks, and we have some exclusive excerpts to whet your appetite for Midwestern hunting erotica! Find Yearnings of the Autumnal Hunt at your local bookseller this February!
  1. Freedom
    I crawl through the muck on my soft belly in the wild Michigan dirt. The rut is on. The spirit of the nightwind guides my huntsoul to the sacred spot. I am freedom.
  2. The Youngbuck
    A youngbuck alerts me of its presence. The connection is spiritual. We each know what the other must do. MUST DO. It is time.
  3. Onthehoof
    I ascend to my perch. The spirit father passed through me; I feel him in my bloodstaff. It is time to draw back my bow and let loose my hard, straight sharpstick deep into the youngbuck's thick, quivering neck. Its muscles tense at the point of impact. Blood glistens. My spirittrophy is onthehoof and pursuit begins.
  4. Drawing Near
    The spirit of my huntbrothers urges me on. The youngbuck slows. Its lifespirit drains faster even than its bloodpayment to me, the huntgod. I sense the killmoment drawing near.
  5. Shuddering Bloodstaff
    My bloodstaff shudders in anticipation of its coming reward. I raise up my bow and make an offering to the Godspirit of the Michigan Wild. Thank you for this beautiful offering. I relieve the tension in my bow and the sharpstick flies. The youngbuck supplicates itself to me in its final moment. The sharpstick finds its target. The killmoment is swift. The killmoment is beautiful.
  6. True Reward
    Now I take my true reward. My bloodstaff is ready. It plunges in the youngbuck, this venison onthehoof. Our wildspirits are one. WANGO TANGO!