On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernélope Sanders met on the debate stage just one day after Sanders's upset in Michigan. Let's see how their statements measured up to the truth.
  1. Hillary Clinton - "You guys are going to LOVE this batch of crank I cooked up!"
    That batch of crank is pretty bad.
  2. Bernie Sanders - "I said before the Iraq war 'This is what's gonna happen, al Qaeda connected guys are gonna come in and use the chaos of war to slip in to the country unnoticed. They'll be joined by former members of Iraq's military and security services who we'll put out of work. And they'll create something worse than al Qaeda OR Saddam.'"
    He did not say that. No one said that. If anyone had said that, they'd have to be a time traveler.
  3. Hillary Clinton - "The pear is the best fruit."
    A pear is just a weird-looking mushy apple. The best fruit is pineapple.
  4. Bernie Sanders - "ISIS poses a real threat. They can deliver up to 120 mg of neurotoxic venom per bite!"
    While ISIS possesses a great deal of lethal capabilities, Senator Sanders is actually describing a black mamba.