On Sunday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernélope Sanders met on the debate stage in Flint Michigan. It's been a tougher race than anyone imagined, but at this point, the pressure is back on Mr. Sanders to bring his message to a wider audience. Let's see how their statements compare to the truth.
  1. Bernie Sanders - "And of course, let us take a moment to thank this city's founder, Larry Flynt."
    Larry Flynt was not the founder of the city of Flint. The city was named after the publisher (though with incorrect spelling) because of the founders' taste for hard core pornography.
  2. Hillary Clinton - "We can not let Donald Trump be president of the United States."
    Frankly, we probably CAN do that. But we definitely SHOULDN'T.
  3. Bernie Sanders - "We deserve leaders with our best interests at heart."
    Honestly, with the way things have been going lately, we probably don't deserve much of anything.
  4. Hillary Clinton - "Farts are just the ghosts of dead poops."
    Contrary to popular belief, poops are not living beings that can die and turn into ghosts.