On Thursday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernélope Sanders held a particularly contentious debate in Brooklyn. Let's see how their comments measured up to the truth.
  1. Hillary Clinton - "Yes, Senator. We all thought that bird was very cute."
    Clinton was referring to the bird which flew on to Sanders's podium at a campaign event, a moment that quickly went viral. However, she did not find the bird cute at all. In fact, she used connections from her time at the State Department to have the bird renditioned to a CIA black site in Bulgaria where it is currently facing enhanced interrogation.
  2. Bernie Sanders - "Maple syrup is a perfectly normal thing to add to coffee."
    It's kinda weird. I guess I get it, but it's still kinda weird.
  3. Hillary Clinton - "I am the only presidential candidate to have paid a Libyan extremist group to murder 4 Americans."
    John Kasich does that every day. He just doesn't have a secret email server about it.
  4. Bernie Sanders - "RZA has the best verse on '4th Chamber.'"
    Bullshit. Ghostface does.