Tonight the Republican presidential candidates squared off in their last debate before the New Hampshire primary (and also the first time since Iowa.) Let's see how their performances measured up to the truth.
  1. Jeb Bush - "I did not have to blackmail my mother into appearing at my campaign events."
    Mr. Bush hired private investigators who uncovered a "close relationship to a known war criminal."
  2. Ben Carson - "I was not the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the skull."
    He definitely was. And we're frankly confused about why he would claim not to have been.
  3. Chris Christie - "I do not know the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa."
    Christie knows damn well that the former president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is buried underneath Giants' stadium. Though he may not know the precise location.
  4. Ted Cruz - "People like me."
    No one, not even his own children, likes him.
  5. John Kasich - "Chili over spaghetti is an acceptable food item."
    Chili over spaghetti is a monstrosity.
  6. Marco Rubio - "I can beat Hillary Clinton."
  7. Donald Trump - "My father was never involved in a Ku Klux Klan rally that turned into a massive brawl."
    While it is contested whether or not he was actually arrested, he was definitely there for a high profile brawl between the KKK and police in 1927.