On Saturday February 13, in Greenville, SC, the republican presidential candidates met yet one more time on the debate stage. Let's see how their statements measured up to the truth.
  1. Jeb Bush - "I am not a clown-ass baby worm."
    He is.
  2. Ben Carson - "I will be the first black president."
    1) He will not be president. 2) Barack Obama is currently president.
  3. Ted Cruz - "I am electable."
    He's not.
  4. John Kasich - "I am the governor of the fine state of Ohio."
    Ohio mad sucks.
  5. Marco Rubio - "Marco-bot error 477: hard drive failure."
    It was actually error 478: improper format.
  6. Donald Trump - "I will make good deals with Putin. We'll get along."
    Putin must break him.