Hey guys! As I have recently become a wine expert (, I've decided to give you guys some more tips about wine! Today I'm going to teach you how to make some!
  1. Pick some grapes!
    Wine is made from grapes. Be sure to pick good ones because good grapes make good wine! I think!
  2. Cook 'em real nice!
    Just boil them right up good!
    Use a wood spoon because that looks old school and wine is nothing if not old school!
  4. Turn it into jelly!
    Don't buy jelly, turn those grapes that you cooked up real nice INTO jelly and put it in a Smuckers jar so people don't get wise to your wine plans.
  5. Smash the jelly on the floor!
    This is an important step! I think!
  6. Scoop the jelly into a bowl!
    Pick as much of the glass out as you can. It can hurt your mouth!
  7. Crush up some grape Warheads!
    Give your wine mush some sour kick!
  8. Pour vodka all over it!
    I'm pretty sure this where the alcohol content comes from!
  9. Bottle it up!
    You can drink the wine out of the bowl, but bottle it up to be classy!
  10. Get drunk and meet Tom Hanks!
    He was great in Big, wasn't he? Did you know Penny Marshall directed that film?