We're getting agonizingly, but slowly, closer to having our presidential nominees for the general election! This week, we'll be examining the remaining candidate's Vice Presidential shortlists! Next up: John Kasich
  1. Steph Curry
    Let's just be real, about a hundred times as many people have heard of Steph Curry as have heard of John Kasich.
  2. Brutus Buckeye
    The Ohio State University mascot holds pretty radical tea-party ideas which complement Kasich's relative moderation. The fact that his head is a buckeye nut and also that he's terrible on foreign policy to count against him though.
  3. Dwyane Wade
    It's time for America to heal from the wounds of Lebron's Cleveland to Miami back to Cleveland journey. This show of Florida-Ohio solidarity will generate buzz, and help bury the hatchet.