For nearly fifty years now, rumors have circulated that Paul McCartney was killed in an automobile accident and replaced by a look and sound alike. The remaining ACTUAL Beatles supposedly left clues to the REAL Paul's fate. Here are some of the lesser known ones!
  1. Spoken Outro to "Rocky Raccoon"
    Only 2 people have ever heard it, but the original recording of the White Album's "Rocky Raccoon," John Lennon and producer George Martin discuss at length how spot on of a parody the track was of "that stupid dead arsehole who used to be in this band but then died."
  2. Original cover art for Abbey Road
    The Beatles' original idea for the cover of Abbey Road was to exhume whatever remained of McCartney's decayed corpse from the shallow grave he was left in and photograph the entire process. After lighting issues set back the whole process, they went with the more subtle reference of having the Paul-alike cross the street barefoot and out of step.
  3. Deleted scene in Magical Mystery Tour
    The Beatles' somewhat disastrous Magical Mystery Tour film originally featured a scene where the passengers of the bus witness a horrific car accident. The victim audibly screams, "I am Paul McCartney! This is how I die!"
  4. Original title of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Until hours before the album covers were to be printed, Sgt. Pepper was originally going to be titled We Remember Paul 1942-1966 Who Perished in an Automobile Accident. The drawn out battle over the now legendary album's title is said to be at least partly responsible for Brian Epstein's growing estrangement from the band.
  5. John Lennon's murder
    By the 1980s, John Lennon was getting ready to reveal the truth about Paul's violent death and the hurried cover-up. George Martin, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr then conspired to pay an unknown schizophrenic named Mark David Chapman to silence Lennon permanently.