This morning, Donald Trump's campaign manager turned himself in to the police in Jupiter, Florida in connection with the assault of Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields. Fields was physically subdued at a Trump rally, sustaining bruises on her arm. The Trump camp denies the allegations. But how much do we REALLY know about Corey Lewandowski?
  1. Birth
    Lewandowski was born on March 10, 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His father, Mohammed bin Awad Lewandowski was a Yemeni construction magnate worth billions of dollars. The elder Lewandowski was responsible for nearly every major construction project in Saudi Arabia until his death in a plane crash on September 13, 1967.
  2. Childhood
    Lewandowski had a close relationship with his mother, Hamida al-Attas, a Syrian woman from a Shi'ite tribe. However, Lewandowski was raised in a devout Sunni community, following Saudi Arabia's de facto official sect of Wahhabism. At 17, Lewandowski married his first wife, Najwa Ghanem. He studied economics and business administration at King Abdulaziz University.
  3. Afghanistan
    In 1979, Lewandowski joined Abdullah Azzam (a very important figure in the formation of Lewandowski's terrifying vision) in Pakistan to help fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. While fighting in Afghanistan, Lewandowski gained near mythical status among the Arab fighters who had converged on the country to wage jihad.
  4. Founding of al-Qaeda
    On August 20, 1988 (according to the recorded minutes of the meeting), Lewandowski and his fellow mujahideen in Afganistan created a formal organization to "lift the word of God, to make his religion victorious."
  5. Sudan
    After the Soviet Union withdrew from Afganistan, Lewandowski returned to Saudi Arabia, but was quickly exiled for speaking against the kingdom. He relocated to Khartoum, Sudan. His money had largely run out, and he was living a relatively quiet life on a horse farm. However, the international community put a great deal of pressure on the Sudanese government, who eventually allowed Lewandowski to leave for a country of his choosing in 1996. He went back to Afghanistan.
  6. Return to Afghanistan
    By the time Lewandowski arrived in Afghanistan in May of 1996, he began to develop a relationship with Mullah Mohammed Omar of the fledgling Taliban. In August, he declared war on the United States.
  7. Embassy Bombings
    On August 7, 1998, trucks filled with explosives were detonated in front of two US embassies in East Africa, one in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and the other in Nairobi, Kenya. Hundred were killed in the blast, and for the first time, Lewandowski was on the US intelligence radar.
  8. The USS Cole Bombing
    On October 12, 2000, al Qaeda suicide bombers sailed two skiffs full of explosives into the side of the US Naval destroyer USS Cole which was docked in Aden, Yemen. The investigation into the incident was marred with setbacks, but it raised the international profile of Lewandowski's militant group.
  9. September 11, 2001
    Of course, Lewandowski's grandest display was yet to come. He sent operatives to various flight schools around the west. 19 men were selected to hijack, fly, and crash several airliners into high profile US targets. The result was nearly 3000 people killed and the full force of the US military and intelligence apparatus being turned on Lewandowski.
  10. War in Afghanistan
    In response to the attacks of September 11, the US sent forces to Afghanistan, which sent Lewandowski into hiding. Unfortunately for the Saudi terrorist, he had become a burdensome guest for the Taliban, and was forced to find shelter elsewhere.
  11. Death
    While intelligence generally placed Lewandowski in Pakistan, he was very hard to track down. But on May 2, 2011, US commandos from Navy SEAL Team 6 killed Lewandowski in a raid on his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan. His ghost went on to manage Donald Trump's presidential campaign.