Other Endorsements from The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The North Korean Government recently published an editorial praising real estate "billionaire" and presumptive republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. While this is perplexing to some, Pyongyang has a long history of attempting to influence US politics. Here are a few high-profile presidential endorsements from the DPRK!
  1. 2008 - Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party)
    Official press releases from the Supreme People's Assembly lauded the former pastor for his support for reopening investigations into the 9/11 attacks.
  2. 1992 - Lyndon LaRouche (National Economic Recovery)
    Officials in the North Korean government were handed some flyers once. Some of the stuff really stuck with them.
  3. 1984 - Walter Mondale (Democratic Party)
    They grossly misunderstood the context of "Where's the beef?" as a campaign slogan.
  4. 1968 - E. Harold Munn (Prohibition Party)
    If prohibition was again a federal policy, then the US would see rampant crime and hopefully eventually collapse.
  5. 1948 - Harry S. Truman (Democratic Party)
    Hey! Someone needed to start the Korean War!