Presidential Candidate Themed Dating Sites RANKED

This election cycle has been stupid and bad so far. Very stupid. And very bad. One of the most stupid and bad things to assault our collective consciousness is the rise of presidential candidate themed online dating sites. Below is the definitive ranking of such sites!
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    The independent Vermont senator has built a campaign on public financing and a promise to bring about Northern European style social democracy to America. And his supporters are often intense. However, romantic love is counter-revolutionary.
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    This website was set up by the appropriately named David Gross. The intent is to bring together Trump supporters who, for whatever reason, don't feel comfortable discussing their support of an orange nativist shout-monster with outsiders. It is a noble effort to sequester them to their own island nation, but it will inevitably fail.
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    Few people know this, but the wildly popular online dating site was originally founded to unite supporters of the 2000 presidential candidacy of Pat Buchanan. It's truly amazing to see how successful that venture has been!