It's election season! But with so many candidates, it can be hard to know who to vote for. That's why we've presented you with this handy list of the major presidential candidates, and the items for sale at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar that best reflects their personality and policy agenda!
  1. Donald Trump - Fireball Whisky Wings
  2. Hillary Clinton - American Royal Ribs
  3. Ben Carson - Triple T Fries
  4. Marco Rubio - Tatted-Up Turkey Burger
  5. Bernie Sanders - The Mayor of Flavortown Burger
  6. Jeb Bush - Johnny Garlic's Caesar Salad
  7. Carly Fiorina - Sashimi Won-Tacos
  8. Ted Cruz - S'Mores Monte Cristo
  9. Rand Paul - Vegas Fries
  10. Chris Christie - Guy-Talian Fondue Dippers
  11. John Kasich - Fried Ice Cream Boulder Sundae
  12. Mike Huckabee - Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger
  13. Martin O'Malley - A Cup of Tepid Water with a Dash of Old Bay Seasoning