As we move closer to the general election, it's important to know as much as possible about each of the presidential candidates! Here is the definitive ranking of the presidential candidates by how many of the Grateful Dead's concerts they've been kicked out of!
  1. Tie - Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, & Donald Trump - none
    These three candidates have all been noted for their model behavior at performances by the Grateful dead!
  2. John Kasich - 1
    Then congressman Kasich was kicked off stage during a Grateful Dead Performance in 1991 after being invited by opening act Dwight Yoakam.
  3. Bernie Sanders - 42
    We'll let Senator Sanders speak for himself: "between ending my term as mayor of Burlington and joining congress, I spent eighteen months following the dead around. I don't remember every time I got kicked out, but one time I got caught selling bum goo balls. Another time I definitely called Bear [Grateful Dead sound man Augustus "Bear" Owsley Stanley III] a 'dirty pussy' for selling me 'piss acid back in '66.' Good times."