Statham of the Union: The Players

I present to you now the story of US President Lawrence Statham. Here are the players!
  1. President Larry Statham
    President Statham was born in Suburban New Jersey. His work as a criminal defense attorney is something of a mystery to historians.
  2. Vice President Johnson
    Coming out of the secretive bipartisan coalition of southwestern oil-industry hangers-on, little is known about the vice president's personal and political history. He received the VP nomination after a HOTLY contested primary. For more info, see noted historian Jack @Waz!
  3. Terry Gunderson
    He is a personal confidante of the president. He resides on a large farm in Northern California where he grows some unknown plants.
  4. Chuck Howard
    Last name also unknown. This former confidante of the president resides in Louisiana where he provided "security" for a "nightclub."
  5. Maria Cortes
    Another former presidential confidante. She runs an auto-body shop. They maybe used to date?
  6. Dr. Schaefer
    I... I don't even know with this guy.
  7. Peggy Statham
    She's the First Lady. I believe she was made in a factory?
  8. Colin McHenry
    The president's most trusted advisor and chief of staff has been with him since the New Jersey governorship.
  9. Mitch O'Connell
    This fire fighter has been invited as a guest of the president at the State of the Union.