Now that the Iowa Caucus is less than a week away, it's important that the American electorate familiarize themselves with all of the candidates' positions on a variety of subjects. Here is a list of their favorite performances by the Grateful Dead!
  1. Jeb Bush - Miami Arena October 26, 1989
    "I hadn't seen them since before Jerry's coma. And it was the last time I'd see them before Brent died. But even at the arena, you could tell it was important. I'd also done three Humboldt County Goo-Balls, so I was really feeling that 'Darkstar.'"
  2. Ben Carson - Yale Bowl July 31, 1971
    "There was just magic in the air, man. Best Chinacat/Rider I ever got a chance to see. A friend told me that was the first time they played 'Sugaree.'"
  3. Chris Christie - Stanley Theater September 28, 1972
    "My cousin snuck me in. I had just turned ten and really clicked into a nice groove. It may have been the hash, but brother, 'Sugar Magnolia' was so tight."
  4. Hillary Clinton - Clark University April 20, 1969
    "I still chuckle about having seen the Dead on 4/20/69."
  5. Ted Cruz - Giants Stadium June 17, 1991
    "Princeton is stressful. It was nice to really let loose. They opened with 'Eyes,' which was crazy. And the little hints of 'Darkstar' throughout... It was something special."
  6. Carly Fiorina - Shrine Auditorium October 15, 1976
    "I was in the middle of the semester at Law School at UCLA. I really credit this show with helping me make the decision to quit law school. I haven't looked back."
  7. Mike Huckabee - Dallas Convention Center December 22, 1978
    "I like to celebrate the birth of our lord in different ways sometimes. My favorite is the wholesome guitar music of the Grateful Dead. 'Scarlet' > 'Fire' was a real hoot!"
  8. John Kasich - Ohio Theater October 31, 1971
    "I was maybe a sophomore at the time. I had taken something (I'm not sure what) and I was feeling locked in. New Riders opened. They stopped playing St. Stephen for a while after that one!"
  9. Martin O'Malley - Baltimore Civic Center May 26, 1977
    "Someone brought old bay goo balls."
  10. Rand Paul - Cardinal Stadium July 6, 1990
    "Anyone who claims they've seen a better Chinacat/Rider is a fucking liar."
  11. Marco Rubio - Miami Arena April 8, 1994
    "Jerry might have been losing it a little here, but it holds so many memories for me because I wouldn't get a chance to see them again."
  12. Bernie Sanders - Woodstock August 16, 1969
    "I don't really remember it too well, so it must have been a good time."
  13. Donald Trump - Salt Palace August 12, 1981
    "I spent four years traveling with the Dead. They were never better than they were that night. I tried to buy Jerry's ashes."