The Remaining Candidates' Paths to the White House

The Presidential Nominating Contest has (basically) boiled down to three candidates. A tough road lies ahead for everyone. Let's examine just how tough it will be for each of the candidates to get to the White House!
  1. Hillary Clinton
    From her residence in Chappaqua, NY, Clinton will have to get on the Saw River Mill Parkway, then onto the Henry Hudson Parkway toward the George Washington Bridge. There, she'll have to get onto I-95 south where she will run into tolls on the Jersey Turnpike section of the highway. She will then have to get on I-895 toward Annapolis. She will exit onto MD State Hwy 295 before getting on I-695 then I-395 S. She'll exit onto Maine Ave, take a slight right onto 15th St.
  2. Bernie Sanders
    Senator Sanders faces a far more difficult path to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" will have to get on US 7 South before merging onto Vermont State Route 22A S. He will continue onto NY-22/US-4 South then turn right on onto NY-149. He'll then get on I-87 until he merges onto I-287 then onto NJ-17 S. After a few miles, he will get onto the Garden State Parkway then merge onto I-95 S. From there, he faces essentially the same path as Clinton.
  3. Donald Trump
    The billionaire real-estate mogul faces perhaps the easiest path to the White House. He needs only get on I-78 W, then merge onto I-95 S. From there it is fundamentally the same path as the previously discussed candidates.