In this insane and terrible presidential election, anything has proven to be possible. It looks like now, more than ever before, is the best chance for an outsider party to put together a compelling ticket and break the two-party stranglehold on American power. Here are some President/Vice President combos to watch for!
  1. Jerry Buting and Dean Strang
    Steven Avery's lawyers from the Netflix docuseries, Making a Murderer have a lot of buzz for their principled defense of a man who seems to have been victimized by a corrupt legal system and also for their terrific sweaters and slacks. These "norm-core" icons will certainly inject some much needed "he looks like my uncle"ness to this campaign!
  2. Robert Durst and Adnan Syed
    Is there room for two New York City real estate weirdos in this presidential race? Who the fuck even knows anymore? But if one of those weirdos posed as a woman in coastal Texas until he murdered his roommate, I think room can be made. So team the Jinx's Robert Durst with another man convicted (potentially wrongly) of murder. I'd nominate Steven Avery, but there would surely be a conflict of interest, so how about Serial's Adnan Syed?
  3. Katniss Everdeen and Kylo Ren
    I mean, right?
  4. These two guys I met, Boreck Mubama and Jim Bowden
    They came up to me in a shadowy alley in DC, and I gotta tell you, they have some good ideas!