Who Could Bill Kristol be Talking About?

  1. On May 29, Weekly Standard editor, and idiot who has said a lot of now stupid looking things about Donald Trump promised to present a strong, third-party contender as a conservative challenger to Trump. Who could he be talking about?
  2. Fethullah Gülen
    Turkey is an important American ally, but someone needs to keep president Erdogan on his toes. Who better than his former friend and political ally who has been in self-imposed exile in the United States since being accused of launching corruption allegations against the Erdogan government?
  3. William F. Buckley's Ghost
    The father of the American conservative movement (and founder of the Weekly Standard) is a perfect spokesman for modern conservatism! Unfortunately, he's been dead since 2008, so his ghost will have to do!
  4. Mark Ruby
    This unknown, Miami-area business man represents a lot of the values that the Weekly Standard crowd holds dear. It's crazy that no one's ever heard of him.
  5. Ayman al-Zawahiri
    The leader of al Qaeda may not seem like the BEST choice to defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but, hey, fortune favors the bold!