Wine Tips for Wine Wednesday!

As a noted expert in the field of wine, I have always thought it my duty to share the beauty that is wine. Here are some secrets and tips to keep you from looking like a world-class wine-idiot!
  1. Know the Difference Between Red and White!
    The differences may be subtle, but a well-trained wine expert (wine-know in the common parlance) can determine if a wine is red or white with a fair degree of certainty! (More:
  2. Pair Wine with Cheese!
    Wine and cheese go together like worshipping the lord, and heavily armored desert compounds! (
  3. Uncorking Wine Bottles can be Tough!
    You can't drink any of that sweet, beautiful wine of it's stuck in the sand bottle! (
  4. Glass can Break!
    Glass is incredibly fragile! Thankfully, there are myriad other ways to carry your wine with you as you wander God's desert! (
  5. You can Make Your Own Wine!
    There is nothing classier than owning your own vineyard! Here's how to make that happen on the cheap! (
  6. Wine in the Morning, Wine in the Evening, Wine at Supper-Time!
    Who needs bagels? You can have wine at any time! (