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    Hair/skin/beauty products that I have never actually used, but whose effectiveness I fervently believe in
    This could be its own list. Sachajuan hair products look so minimalist and perfect and expensive. They will make my hair beautiful, when the time is right (aka when I have enough disposable income to spend $26 on shampoo πŸ™ƒ)
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    I bet their linen tees are as crisp and clean as their web design 😏 Someday I will be the kind of adult that buys "investment pieces" every couple of seasons instead of maniacally sifting through H&M and F21 collections that are on trend for only the next ten minutes, at which point the clothing's fabric disintegrates. This business model is widely responsible for the success that fast fashion retailers have experienced lately.
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    Tout Suite
    Industrial chic warehouse vibe ON POINT. Succulents are everywhere, which means the food and coffee are top notch πŸ‘ŒπŸ»This place gives my boyfriend an allergic reaction, though. He is allergic to brunch and expensive, small portions of food.
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    Anything that has ever sponsored the podcasts I listen to
    I know all their pitches by heart. If I ever need to build a website, I will use Squarespace: build it beautiful! When I buy my first mattress, it will be from Casper: obsessively engineered for better sleep! Blue Apron: discover a better way to cook! Mailchimp: send better email! Living Proof: we are the science, you are the living proof! Betterment: investing made better! (Honorable mentions: stamps.com, Scion)
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    Minimalism a la the Kondo method (eliminate clutter and anything that doesn't "spark joy")
    LOLL the cognitive dissonance is too real. There is an uncashed $25 check on my floor that definitely does not spark joy. But in my head, I live in a serene, bright home with nothing but empty countertops, closet drawers full of neatly rolled shirts organized by color, and objects that I only feel deep, joyful gratitude towards.
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    The New York City Ballet
    is the best ballet company in the world. It doesn't matter that I've never seen them in person, I will fight you on this. Maybe I'll make a list about why they are so singularly and intensely awesome.
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    Furniture with hairpin legs
    Does it look like plywood from @HobbyLobby perched precariously atop four skinny metal rods bent in half? GIVE IT TO ME