1. Did you remember to take your meds this morning?
    If not, then there's not much I can do for your mood today. 🎶The sun'll come out tomorrow🎶
  2. Have you been outside today?
    Go get some fresh air. Rainy days make for really nice walks, so no "inclement weather" excuses (barring a natural disaster).
  3. When was the last time you had a positive social interaction?
    Get your ass off the couch and go run into a friend.
  4. Have you taken a shower?
    You can't be your best self if you don't even give yourself the chance, you know?
  5. Have you eaten a balanced, filling meal? Are you hydrated?
    Give your body what it needs to do its very important job, which is to keep you alive and comfortable.
  6. Now take care of one thing on your to-do list.
    Get shit done.
  7. If you're still feeling sad, find your person and ask for a hug.
    But only after you have completed steps 1-6. First things first!