A few years ago @DeepakChopra and Oprah got me hooked on mediation- Sit down, breathe and calm the heck down, OK! I meditate every morning using the Calm app on the bus ride to work. Would a cushy pillow, zen crystals and candles be more ideal, yes, but NJ Transit has to do for now. Here's a sample of what I try to accomplish everyday, join along!
  1. Close your eyes, focus inward on your breath.
    Sometimes I just make it to this step, that's very ok. Breathing is good.
  2. Inhale love, exhale patience
    Or replace these with what you need more of
  3. Inhale love, exhale compassion
  4. Inhale love, exhale patience
  5. Inhale gratitude. Exhale gratitude.
  6. X 10.
    Or so, I mostly like to lose myself in this part.
  7. Set an intention for the day.
    Practice kindness.
  8. Inhale your intention, exhale negative thoughts.
  9. Softly blink open your eyes.
  10. Smile and move on with the day!