A Photo From Every Month of 2015

It's A LOT of swiping up, but I encourage you to do this, it was really fun flipping through an incredible year's worth of pictures!
  1. January
    Me on a call and @grant snapping a selfie!
  2. February
    @rachaelray and I dyed Easter eggs with silk ties!
  3. March
    @jimmycolligan took me to my happy place for my 30th birthday, Northern California! We sat in these chairs, sipped wine, and stared at the coast in Mendocino for hours. It was perfect!
  4. April
    Our best friend @aniesman got married and I was the maid of honor! @KaitlinRose @Earth2Amelia
  5. May
    I traveled with Jimmy to Savannah and my flight got cancelled and since he had meetings I ate shrimp and grits and drank rose by myself for a whole afternoon!
  6. June
    ITALY! This was the blue grotto on the island of Capri.
  7. June again
    I couldn't post June and not post a photo of food from Italy. This was eating the freshest pasta and pesto on a canal in Venice. We had a little bottle of wine, had a picnic, and watched gondolas glide by.
  8. July
    Most of July I spent back in my happy place, Northern California. I worked, I ate (burritos mostly), I drank, I did things on my own, I learned a lot about myself, I explored, I grew, I put myself out there, and best of all I met some really incredible people (cc: @gabimoskowitz 😘). Still one of the best ways I ever spent a hiatus!
  9. August
    I went to Nashville and took my dearest and bestest friend @beccatillinghast out for her first post baby girl's weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday! I also got to spend a bunch of time with my favorite nephew, Ollie!
  10. September
  11. October
    The Mets made it to the World Series and I didn't sleep a lot. We yelled at the TV and ate a lot of chili with friends. I woke up many days of 2015 and worked out with @kimber1018! #LGM
  12. November
    We got @pennypie ready for the holidays! (Cc: @emilyrieger)
  13. December
    I ate the biggest pretzel (named, pretzilla) and my life has forever been bettered.