A conversation I had with my friend yesterday, brought to The List App.
  1. Coffee
    Starting out pretty bold, I know, and I love coffee as much as the next person, but the smell of those freshly roasted beans is way better than the taste of that brown water.
  2. Bacon
    Smoky porky delicious smell fills the house, one nibble of that crispy side reminds you quick that the smell of bacon Is the best part.
  3. Microwave popcorn
    Let's be honest, popcorn is the vehicle for what's on it. And that straight out of the bag hot artificial butter smell does not hold up to the semi cardboard airy textured artificial butter taste.
  4. Anything with the herb dill
    The smell of dill is so lovely, and maybe I put too much dill in things, but aggressive dill flavor is never fun. This doesn't apply to pickles.
  5. In the reverse: tofu shirataki noodles. That odor is rank, but the taste is surprisingly mild.
    Suggested by @jenngiacoppo
  6. Bread from Subway
    Has there every been a greater dichotomy between scent and taste? The air they pump out on the street must be some patented science...
    Suggested by @zoe
  7. Fajitas Fajitas Fajitas
    Suggested by @mattselman
  8. Lavender anything
    Smell like bliss, taste like piss
    Suggested by @dcerruti
  9. Cambazola cheese
    Like the stinkiest blue mixed with dirty sweat sock but it tastes so freaking good
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  10. Gasoline.
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  11. Nuts about Nuts
    From the NYC street vendors
    Suggested by @claire
  12. Tea
    Vanilla tea/ any flavor does not taste nearly as good as it smells.
    Suggested by @livfinsmith