Fun Facts About My Cat 🐱

@lunavino_skylarhops like you had to ask...but i'm glad you did!! 😻💯✔️
  1. Her name is Waffles.
    A favorite food of many, as well as a really cute name for a pet. No idea why it's plural, we just roll with it.
  2. Waffles prefers to lay on people rather than the floor.
    I get it.
  3. See...
  4. Right...
  5. And again
  6. She has a Netflix addiction
  7. She gives me this look when I leave for work everyday.
    Shout out to @pennypie for being my best pet friend at work!
  8. She loves to lay on her back
  9. And in the sun
    Takes after her momma.
  10. And her side.
    She's not a small cat, but we like to say Real cats have curves. And eat tacos.
  11. Her favorite toy is a baby rattle made my best friend, @beccatillinghast.
  12. She loves her shark bed.
    But really who wouldn't love a shark bed.
  13. Christmas time is her favorite. 🎄
  14. Lettuce is her favorite food, but she pretty much chomps at anything green and leafy.
    Note: the vet is cool with her eating leafy greens.
  15. She's not a huge fan of travel, but w major fan of suitcases.
  16. She's just the cutest!
  17. And my best friend!
    Even though she sometimes likes to pretend she's not.