Happiness Is ______________

Lots of things make me happy. These are some staples. What makes you happy?
  1. When you're animal is purring on your lap after a long day of work
    Bonus happy if there's a new episode of housewives to watch.
  2. Being by the beach
    Never fall in love at the Jersey shore is just a myth.
  3. Being grateful
  4. Delicious food
    Bonus happy if there's a delicious DRANK involved.
  5. Old pictures of my girls.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  6. Reading books
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  7. getting on a plane and landing somewhere new
    Suggested by   @kelanza
  8. That calm feeling that comes over me every time I turn into the gravel road leading to my cabin in the Blue Ridge.
    Suggested by   @BlueRidgeGirl
  9. Sitting on the porch during a thunderstorm with a blanket around you and a warm cup of tea.
    Suggested by   @nato
  10. Tacos in both hands
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  11. Ice cream and lots of it! 🍦
    Suggested by   @BridgetBenjamin
  12. Going for a walk with loving companion(s)
    Suggested by   @hannieshit
  13. A stroll through a museum
    This is from OSH Museum in Salem, OR
    Suggested by   @linzamauve
  14. Unicorn cats
    Suggested by   @robinnycmakeup
  15. Eating a meal someone else cooked for you
    And someone else offering to wash up. 😆
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf