I Stumbled Upon a Magical Land Filled With the Best Thing...

Carbohydrates. All of them. In one place, read on.
  1. Yesterday I had a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley with @jimmycolligan and we saw lots of beautiful things.
    Like this...(Rockefeller estate! So regal!)
  2. We were being "Leaf peepers"
    As ones might be right now, 'tis the season. (Bedford Post Inn, Barn for brunch. Thanks @grant for the rec!)
  3. It was a lovely day.
    (Hudson River Walk view of the Tapanzee Bridge and - pretty sky)
  4. HOWEVER, the best thing happened on the way home.
    @jimmycolligan remembered a place he's been once or twice that was a quick pit stop off the highway home. It was called the Rockland Bakery. And it was magical.
  5. It was a giant, huge, immense room, FILLED WITH FRESHLY MADE BREAD.
    What my dreams are made of, and hopefully yours too.
  6. Infinity Bialys!!!
    Cc: @gabimoskowitz you were on my mind, friend.
  7. BAGELS!
    At the core of it all, I'm just a nice girl from New Jersey.
  8. All kinds and shapes of rolls
    Literally in a 8 foot by 4 foot crate/basket/bucket of dreams.
  9. Baguettes
    Stacked like library books
  10. More baguettes!
    You can't hide from me, I love you!
  12. So if you're ever in the Rockland County area (or NYC/Northern NJ area, it's not a far trip), visit this gold mine of deliciousness. There's a bakery too, but I was stress eating a pretzel and didn't keep my phone out. Trust me, it's 👌🏻💯!