Lazy Dinner Nachos

One of the things I said I would do this weekend, done and yum! Don't tell my husband, but this dish is actually a decently healthy dinner, full of protein and a great use up for things in the fridge! Also, fun to share and just eat right off the tray. Dishes are overrated! Preheat your oven to 350 and lets get our dinner nacho on!
  1. On a sheet tray, spread a thin layer of tortilla chips
    I was in fact lazy and just dumped the bag on, so all the tiny crummies ended up on the tray. No one ever said no to extra crunchy crummies. Note: I use reduced guilt tortilla chips from trader Joe's. Best part is they can be kinda stale because you bake them!
  2. Evenly top the chips with any kind of protein you've got around.
    Sometimes I brown up some ground turkey and season it with cumin, chili powder and coriander. Tonight I had some left over BBQ chicken breast in my fridge so I (poorly) shredded it up and topped my chips with that!
  3. Top the meat layer with some beans
    If you're a vegetarian, throw extra beans on there and skip the chicken. You could do this with leftover tofu too. Any kind of beans ya got-Just drained and rinsed (remember these are lazy!)
  4. Add some cheese
    No photo for this step because I'm trying to limit my cheese intake right now, but if you're into cheese (as you should be) this is the time for it.
  5. Throw them in the 350 oven for 10-12 minutes
    So the chips get crispy and everything gets all nice and hot. While they are in the oven- Mix together a chopped avocado and maybe a tomato if you have it, juice of a lemon or lime, and a little hot sauce. It's the laziest guac ever, but it works!
  6. Scallions are my spirit onion, so I use a lot. But chop up 2-3 scallions if you're normal, 5-6 if you're a scallion psycho like moi.
    Scatter them over the top.
  7. Once out of oven, dollop your guac on there
  8. Top with thinly sliced lettuce
    Like deli thin. Stack your leaves on top of each other, roll them up like a cigar, use your knife to slices the roll very small across (this is called chiffonade! You fancy!). Scatter that over the top of the guac layer
  9. Put 1-2 cups of Greek yogurt in a ziploc bag
    I use instead of sour cream. So much protein! And you really hardly notice the difference. Greek yogurt is the best!
  10. Snip the tip of the bag and make a fun patten of yogurt over the chips
    Maybe it's someone's birthday! This is your chance to wish them a nacho happy birthday! I was hangry by this step, so nothing fancy.
  11. Share tray with also hangry husband who is so kindly pulling together a day's worth of house hunting for us!
    Smile Jimmy, you're on @list!