@emilyrieger's ups her best boss status yet again by hosting the @rachaelray food team's favorite day of the year together, our annual holiday movie day + lunch at her beautiful and cozy apartment. Here's how it rolled out...
  1. We decided on The Big Short, and we didn't decide poorly. Such a phenomenal film!
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    @grant and I thought it was @Nicholas the whole time, turns out Google says it starred Ryan Gosling. We still disagree.
  2. A quick stroll down Broadway back to @emilyrieger's apartment.
    As most New Yorkers are noting, it was oddly warm.
  3. Not even in the house for 10 minutes, and 💥💥 guac and queso nibbles for the win!
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  4. @pennypie was still in her cone (she's out now!), and she really wanted in on the action.
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    She's a dog after my own heart, she loves tortilla chips until infinity as well.
  5. Cocktail time!
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    Aperol spritz seems to be the official cocktail of the Rieger household, we're not arguing.
  6. We learned on the show that week that throwing up a peace sign makes for a better photo, so we tested it out. That and @vjturtulli loves to boss us around during a photo shoot.
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    @grant this might be our best photo. ✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻
  7. Team food on fleek!
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    @grant @vjturtulli @emilyrieger, we really need to get the rest of the gang on @list!
  8. We moved to the table for an impending DELICIOUS taco lunch.
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  9. Aaaaand bam, lunch begins.
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    Slow cooked brisket tacos, perfectly spicy poblano sauce, and my new fav, fresh orange salsa (lots of onion and citrus, YUM!)
  10. And for the veggie lovers...
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    So perfectly and small diced up sweet potatoes and fresh corn (@emilyrieger's tip is to stock up right at the end of summer and freeze for sweet corn all year round.)
  11. All paired with this beautiful light and slightly effervescent white wine from Germany.
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  12. My not so good food stylings because I wanted to eat it real bad.
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    Em always gets pomegranate seeds for taco toppers, hits the spot like you can't believe!
  13. @pennypie again, this time hovering for food on a tiny stool.
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  14. Back on the couch, and @grant took this photo 21 times on my phone.
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  15. I jumped in for number 22.
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  16. Then we played the name game (homemade catch phrase in a salad bowl) and all waxed on about how full we were.
    Full, we were so full.
  17. Em's adorable tree!
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    And time for pressies!
  18. Best gift ever, Glerups!
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    Comfy cozy house shoes, hand made in Denmark. Haven't taken them off for a week! A team that Glerups together stays together!
  19. Thank you @emilyrieger for the gift of this beautiful day that is always so warm and happy and filled with love and DELICIOUS tacos!
  20. And bonus holiday wishes from the best team in the biz. 💥🎄❤️
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