Some Things That Happened at Work Today

Here's how it all went down.
  1. Started early- @grant and I went with @rachaelray to Morning Joe with frittata, apple cake, and fig/almond biscotti in tow. They were a hit!
  2. I was fascinated by the weather station in the newsroom and the fully made up meteorologist tracking lots of weather right next to us.
  3. Rach kicked butt.
    And her new book comes out next Tues!
  4. Grant and I fangirled because no matter how long you work in TV or entertainment, 30 Rock is still such an amazing pile 'o bricks.
    Team Today Show for life 🙌🏻
  5. On our way to find a taxi, we stumbled upon the Everyday with Rachael Ray's food truck which was giving out free hamburgers to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
    We took a very on brand photo; thermotote and awkward stances on point.
  6. We got back to work and set up Chef Marc Murphy's chicken burger demo.
  7. My coworker Matty snap chatted me this really awesome photo. I guess I forgot that we work in a TV STUDIO and cameras are always on.
  8. My friend Zach got a makeover
    Giant coincidence! Cc: @jenngiacoppo
  9. I totally identified with this photo.
  10. @list went public and @DeepakChopra told me he loved me back with emojis!
    Namaste! X 1,000,000
  11. Michael Strahan made us laugh
  12. So did Whoopi!
  13. I kept track of Spanish Style Chicken.
    And sneaked toasted almond snacks between segments.
  14. Got tennis balls for Izzy and talked about a sausage spaghetti number for tomorrow.
  15. I spilled a box of altoids all over the floor. Grant to the rescue.
  16. Ended kinda late- emailed a bunch, talked on the phone. Grant took this great selfie of us on the phone with @emilyrieger.