Regardless of the quantity I have at home...
  1. Tortilla chips
    Because if you already have some, they're probably stale. And if you don't have stale ones, you probably just need more because eating infinity tortilla chips is the best hobby.
  2. Meatless meatballs
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    Because even though I eat meat, they are a healthy-ish excuse to eat meatballs on the one night of the week my husband eats out with some friends (bonus points for avoiding his judgement)
  3. Bananas
    I hardly eat them, but they always disappear within 48-72 hours, no matter how many I buy. Note to self: set up cat cam to see if Waffles eats bananas on the low
  4. A greeting card*
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    *I mainly shop at trader Joe's, and this is a TJ's related purchase, as their cards are $.99 and are so damn adorable. (It's not even 'anyone I would give a card to's birthday soon, so lmk if you're birthday is coming up soon, I'll get it in the mail ASAP to avoid throwing it in the pile of 1,000,000 other TJ's cards I have)
  5. Hummus
    This morning I threw away 2 half eaten containers of hummus. I am angry at myself for being wasteful. I don't even like hummus that much. A horrible cycle of pita chips and hummus is ruining my life.
  6. Pita chips
    I think I buy these as a punishment. Or maybe to guilt myself into eating more hummus. Let's be clear, I have quite the stockpile of pita chips.
  7. Almond milk
    I don't really drink it. I use 1 cup of it maybe every 2-3 days when I remember to make a protein shake. Things I've learned while being an almond milk hoarder: almond milk hardly goes bad. I've poured it into a shake way after the suggested 7 days after opening. It's my way of living on the edge. Let's hope my streak stays strong and my next list will be all the ways almond milk made me sick.