And for once I don't have a crazy amount of plans! (You know you're in your 30s when that's exciting...AMIRIGHT?!) and because if I put my to do list on @list maybe I'll do it all?! (Please hold me accountable, friends)
  1. Reorganize a few cabinets in my kitchen
    When I went to get my cat mug for my tea this morning, I had a lot of anxiety.
  2. Relax/take care of myself/sleep
    As per @rachaelray's most recent list, we know what we did to avoid "the sick" that took down most of my team this week, but this scratchy throat is still coming after me.
  3. Juice a bunch of semi-rotting fruits and veggies in my fridge
    Been on my to do list since before "the sick" that took out half my team, but I think that this could be helpful with the above listed item.
  4. Get my hair dyed
    Yes, 30.5 years old and an abundance of gray roots.
  5. Make dinner nachos
    Jimmy (husband) and my favorite cozy night in dinner. Fun and a great use up of lots of fridge contents/leftovers. I'll post about the recipe, dinner nachos are delicious!
  6. Cuddle with my cat and others
    It's basically going to rain until Tuesday and be super chilly, someone hold me. #netflixandchill
  7. Reorganize my underwear drawer
    I always have a better outlook on life when my underwear are color coordinated and folded nicely. Is this a shared thing or my OCD?