Not saying I agree or disagree, just general observations
  1. Multiple metro card swipes
    Is it amateur hour or are you just dumb?
  2. Crazy people screaming
    Most places you go people would be jarred by this, in NY it's like "ugh what's new?!"
  3. Cab drivers who take the wrong route
    Didn't you know 8th avenue is literally the worst?! Why would you ever drive on 8th avenue?! I am late for my yoga class and you're killing my vibe.
  4. Bad walkers
    YES, that's a sky scraper, YES, that's Macy's, YES, that's a hot dog stand, YES, that's @lenadunham. All very exciting things, but can we admire and move at the same time?
  5. No Sex and the City four-astride; pair off please
    Suggested by @furtadomf
  6. Standing on BOTH sides of the escalator.
    Leave room for us hustlers! Stop holding hands! Don't you throw me shade when I say "Excuse me!" I'm just teaching you some manners.
    Suggested by @jenngiacoppo