Things That Have Crossed My Mind Since Binge Watching "the Affair"

2 full seasons on and off (mostly on) for 4 days. Thank you @kimber1018, @vjturtulli and everyone else who has talked up this show to me, it exceeded my expectations and then some!
  1. Noah is hot
  2. Having an affair seems hot at first, but WOW IS IT A LOT OF WORK
    And filled with complication
  3. I'm glad they all drink whiskey
    They tend to drink it bad situations, but whiskey is really the best.
  4. It's a 3 hour trip from Manhattan to Montauk, they make it feel like it's 15 minutes
  5. Cole is hot
    20 years and counting being Team Pacey!
  6. Maybe I live on the couch now?
  7. Helen is the best
  8. Really smart people write this show
  9. Alison's upper lip is the Claire Danes' cry face of this showtime series
    Possibly too much filler? It's annoying but intriguing.
  10. Fiona Apple!
  11. Showtime Anytime might ruin my life
  12. Does no one care about STDs?!
    Ridiculous amounts of unprotected sex... 😳
  13. I'm never having 4 kids
  14. Noah is damaged and the worst
  15. I'm never having an affair
    I always knew this, but 💯 confirmed.
  16. Secondary drowning is terrifying
  17. Men and women think SO differently
    The writers really crushed this. From the variation of clothes and hairstyles to the different points of view on one story is genius.
  18. My kitty is so cuddly and cute
    She's also Team Pacey.
  19. I'm scary good at sitting on the couch for long periods of time
    Shout out to the @list and Instagram for keeping me company.
  20. I should make some tea
  21. Nevermind, I should make (open) some wine
  22. Maura Tierney hasn't aged a day since ER
    And she rocked crazy lady bleached highlights for 2 whole episodes.
  23. Omg omg omg x 1,000,000