Please, for the love of God, add some things so I know I'm not alone in this and/or am really this insane.
  1. Fish your Fitbit out of the toilet
    The inspiration for this list, as I did this 5 minutes ago. It's hanging out in a lot of dish soap in a bowl on the counter top. I'm not moving an inch until I think it's clean again.
  2. Walk my semi hungover ass 8 avenues and 9 blocks in 85 degree heat...
    ...just to crush everyone else's hungover asses in the weekend challenge. I think the walk actually helped the hangover, however, an air conditioned uber would have been more pleasant than trudging through herald square on a holiday weekend.
  3. Get in my car to go to the gym, get to the gym, realize I forgot my Fitbit, turn around and go home, grab Fitbit, confuse the cat, then go back to the gym.
    Because if it doesn't measure your workout on Fitbit it doesn't even matter that you worked out.
  4. Marched in the shower
    Sounds dangerous, it is, but I can get 100-200 steps in, per shower!
  5. Getting kinda mad at people in real life because they won a Fitbit challenge.
    No guys, I know, I have a problem!
  6. Walked around my apartment before bed because I needed another 2-300 steps to hit my goal.
    Like a crazy person.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  7. Bought one for my husband
    Which allows me to criticize his lack of sleep, beat his goals and be generally unpleasant.
    Suggested by @Angeliqueb