Things That Made Me Smile Today

Thursday, September 3, 2015 Edition
  1. This pope poster
    And by poster I mean up the side of a few stories on a building. It makes me happy that this pope is not only fairly socially liberal, but that he also understands appropriate usage and importance of a quality hashtag. #PopeInUSA (side note: not nearly smiling as large while thinking about papal traffic jams citywide)
  2. This cat
    When I walk through the door my cat, Waffles, is normally in her bed, but today, she was like this lookin' all like little bunny foo foo and shit.
  3. These nachos
    Today, my team at work and I threw @emilyrieger an early birthday fiesta. I think we've made her the same lunch for the last 4 years, but a sheet tray of nachos with a candle never gets old. (Shoutout to the best boss-friend in the world, @emilyrieger, hope your year is filled with lots of list inspiration ❤️)
  4. The weekend forecast
    Rumor has it NYC is going to stop feeling like you're walking through a hot fishbowl soon. I'm pretty excited for that, especially since I have some fun plans in the city this weekend.