1. The OWN network
  2. Leaving Chicago
  3. Never publicly feuding(especially not with Martha Stewart 😕)
  4. Never did a Comedy Central roast
  5. She didn't save Lindsay Lohan like we all thought she would
  6. Is she a scientologist?
  7. Stedman
  8. She stopped acting
  9. She stopped screaming people's name in the Oprah shout voice
  10. She hates the Internet
  11. I made that up but she never said she loves the Internet
  12. That whole James Frey thing was weird lol
  13. She didn't think it was funny when 50 cent called her a middle aged white woman
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  14. O Magazine covers
  15. She let gayle king go on the view wearing two different shoes
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  16. Gayle king is her best friend