Screenshots On My Phone, Explained

Random memories of random shit
  1. The time we had a "special order" online and had to pay this random guy in Shanghai
  2. The time we had RA Summer Training and had to do this strengths test. Pretty accurate results overall. (How Full is Your Bucket , Tom Rath)
  3. I feel like I make this face a lot.especially when I talk to Joey. And Jenessa. And Abby. (Not Raleigh tho she's not as dumb)
  4. Can't really explain this. But creepy af and will haunt you in your dreams . From the time we went to Chi Town: Jules, Joey, Jenny, Spring Break 2016? Idk
  5. Phrase of the day for all of 2015
  6. From the time I got my first tattoo and asked Ancy to write down this quote so i could use her handwriting for the tattoo design. I don't think she asked me why she had to write it down but def doesn't know I got a tattoo