1. Who is the most underrated in this room and why?
  2. What is something really beautiful about someone sitting next to you?
  3. Who would you fuck in this room?
  4. Take off an undergarment and give it to someone
  5. Eat 3 packets of hot sauce
  6. Let someone shave your legs
  7. Give a lap dance
  8. Grab someones boob/ ass
  9. Switch outfits with someone for the whole night
  10. Whats the most embarassing photo you have on your phone
  11. Let us put makeup on you
  12. Let the group pose you in an embarassing position and take a snap
  13. Let us draw a tattoo with a permanent marker
  14. Let the group do your hair
  15. Everytime someone says Jelonda CJ has to drink
  16. Choose someone in the room to give you a spanking
  17. Choose one person to tell a really deep secret
  18. Whats your biggest turn off/on in a partner
  19. Describe your first kiss in detail