1. Last week at work I was talking about designs over lunch with some people.
    As one does.
  2. I mentioned that the screenshots I'd seen of the new Instagram looked great but that they had better update the icon.
    I hated the old icon, it looked so puffy on my home screen. @dev said "no it's good" but @jeremysomething said "yeah it's bad." I'm paraphrasing.
  3. Then today they release a new icon.
    Ok great. Just like I wanted.
    I've been using this avatar for years on Twitter, Slack, EVEN INSTAGRAM!
  5. Don't think spinning it around and adding blue and a little camera drawing will trick me, Instagram.
    I know you did this just to own me for calling the old icon puffy. After all, an icon is an app's avatar.
  6. I still love Instagram though.