I Went to Alaska And I Promise This List Is Not All Landscape Pictures

  1. Oil companies have their own terminals in the airport
  2. Reindeer is a surprisingly common food
  3. A guy smoking in front of a Sheraton/introduction to some new stereotypes I didn't know existed
    I later saw at least two other people with this shirt. One was a woman.
  4. Rental car companies make sure you know how to get to the key destinations
  5. Just like in the Pacific Northwest, these drive through coffee stands are everywhere
    In lots of ways Alaska is like the very-far-north Pacific Northwest
  6. Alaska seems to be organized into 90% resource extraction company towns where it's still 1910 and 10% hippie enclaves where it's still 1969
    Sometimes, they mix. People have very different ideas of what it means to be "The Last Frontier".
  7. Three days of fish, love, and music.
    Alaskans call these "the big three" (in my imagination)
  8. This is the bus they used in the movie "Into the Wild". "Chris McCandless" is a whole tourism industry.
    Organized trips to the original bus, sweatshirts with the one from the movie, etc.
  9. The economy works...differently, than I am used to.
  10. A super nice guy gave me this awesome drawing of a lynx.
    I like lynxes because they don't look like real cats. They look like a different animal wearing a decent but not great cat-suit.
  11. They have to cram all their roadwork into very short summers
    So on the highways in summer there all these places where you have to stop and alternate with the other lane and then drive through the construction. Sometimes you stop for like half an hour.
  12. That's Denali
    You gotta give me one landscape photo