Descriptions courtesy of the lid.
  1. Double chocolate perfection
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    A dark pastry with cocoa and a hint of almonds drenched in Belgian dark chocolate
  2. Choco crisp
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    Cream wafer coated with Belgian milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzles
  3. Creme caramel
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    Caramel cream-filled shortbread on a Belgian milk chocolate base with Belgian white chocolate drizzles on top
  4. Noir crisp
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    Cream wafer coated with Belgian dark chocolate
  5. Starlight
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    Belgian dark and white chocolate over shortbread
  6. Choco Harlequin
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    Belgian milk chocolate over shortbread (these all got eaten before I took a pic)
  7. Caramel cookie
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    A caramel pastry covered in white Belgian chocolate with dark Belgian chocolate
  8. Sweetheart
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    A hazelnut biscuit covered in Belgian milk chocolate
  9. Striped Sensation
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    A pastry enrobed in Belgian dark chocolate with Belgian white chocolate
  10. Noir shell
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    Shortcake dipped in Belgian dark chocolate
  11. Mocha milk
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    Delicious biscuit coated with Belgian milk chocolate
  12. Artisan crisp
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    A crisp pastry enrobed in dark Belgian chocolate with white Belgian chocolate accents
  13. Choco leaf
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    Pastry coated with Belgian milk and dark chocolate
  14. Crime melody*
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    Belgian white chocolate over a hazelnut-cream filled wafer. *Musical instrument may vary.
  15. Caramel Delight
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    Delicious caramel-flavored biscuit coated with Belgian milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzles